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tropical 4newbie

by ashraf

hey hey,,,what would bthe ideal tropical fish too keep for beginners?

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by tomargir

It depends. Do you like keeping large schools of small fish? Do you prefer bigger specimens?
For me, labyrinth fish are certainly a candidate, since they are both hardy and beautiful (buth this is not objective). Tetras and danios are also hardy and can be kept in large schools.

Anyway, since this is an exhausting discussion, my advice is the following. As long as you stay away (for the moment) from the more demanding varieties (like discus for example) you should have no problems if you follow the proper cycling and maintenance routines.

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by heritage

hi hun im new here too my tank is about a month old have 4 tin foil barbs (as you have to keep them in a school between 4 and 6 or above) also have a pleco swordtails, mollies, red eyed tetras, catfish and the good old guppies also have an albino shark which is quite bossy and a rainbow shark. i went from a 2ft tank to a 5ft x 2 x 2 still learning but know im going to end up with an amazing tank. all the fish i have mentioned are easy fish. hope this helps but im sure more experienced users will comment
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by blueshoes2208

ok dude quite frankly, ive had 3 freshwater tanks and my mom has had like 2 so ive seen alot of freshwater fish, besides our two 1000 gallon ponds out back, and besides aggressiveness, freshwater fish are all easy to keep. Im in the saltwater now and freshwater was so much easier. Personally i say get what you want as long as it doesnt try to eat whatever else u get.

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by cedricandcandy

Its probably good to start with a general community tank with fish such as rainbows, congo tetras, other tetras, swordtails, gouramis etc... They are fairly easy to keep and will get you used to whats involved with keeping a general aquarium.

Having said that though...if you love a particular variety of fish and really want to keep them, don't be scared off by the fact you're a beginner. Yes, it is more diffcult to keep some fish then others. However, provided you do the research and have the committment to put in the effort required; you can keep any fish you want!

What fish would you like to keep?

tropical 4newbie

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