whats a good website to...

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whats a good website to...

by ismellfishy

.. reasearch aquarium fish? I've been using wikipedia but im sure there are better, more in depth sites out there somewhere. Whats a good one you guys use?

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by aaronnorth


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by zambize

Depends on what you want to know. I don't think any one website has everything about every fish. Is there anything in particular you are looking for? Compatibility? Diet? Breeding? Pricing? Availability? Behavior? Size?


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by esparzar1

Go to a search engine (google) and type in freshwater fish or something along those lines and just start researching. There are lots of good sites out there. I like this one
It's simple to use and has good examples of the most common types of fish/behaviors/etc.

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by a70m1c

not many people know about this one, but its pretty good.
you just type in the type fish you want to know info, press "Google search" and read the first 10 or relevant results

badmans tropical fish is also a good one.

I have found no 1 website has it all.

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by ismellfishy

Thanks, i've searched for sites but was just curious if some of you guys knew of a website that talks about species diet, compatability, stats, info, pretty much all of it. I want to know as much about my fish as possible. Like for example, i am not new to having aquariums but i'm new to researching and investigating, so in the past i didnt know that certain fish have to be in schools to not stress out and die, i didnt know some shoul be kept 1 to a tank etc.

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by jweb

they best thing to do is search for the fish. if you don't find what you need then just ask us the question pertaining to the certain fish and the users on here can most likely help with whatever you need. our wealth of knowledge is a fish database. you just gotta ask =)

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by Burgerking7679

Feel free to post Qs here, some people will be able to answer from their experiences.

whats a good website to...

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