Where do you shop online?

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Where do you shop online?

by zambize

I've been shopping at Dr.'s Foster and Smith, but just discovered Petsolutions.com and I like them a lot. They seem bigger than Foster and Smith. They both have live fish, plants and supplies. How about you?


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by cedricandcandy

Any aussies out there? Where do you get your aquarium supplies...?

I can only get small amounts of any chemical, buffers, food etc from our local pet shop but would love to buy bulk....are there any aussie sites that can be recommended?

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by adehaan86

I like petsolutions a lot also , but my main thing is buying off of ebay for the same product , I usually can get it way cheaper. I have been kinda cheap with money. But at least a couple times a week I still check out there site.

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by a70m1c

recommended aussie site:


will deliver fish straight to your door.

7.50 shipping no matter what ti is.

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by jweb

foster and smith is great, i usually go through them, they even tell you how much more you can add to your total before shipping goes up. I have links on my site that you can actually click on and it will give me a percentage for referring you, if you would be so nice as to go through my site to order from them.


Thanks in advance.

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by Burgerking7679

Zambize, dont know if you knew this but Dr.'s Foster and Smith sell livestock through their other site Liveaquaria.com

Unfortunately they dont ship livestock to Canada, so im left trying to find Canadian sites to look at. Does anybody know any good Canadian sites??

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by dutchmonk

www.canadianaquatics.com has a few fish and plants in canada and www.bigalsonline.ca for supplies.

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by some1fishy

petsolutions.com has a really nice magazine too :)

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by jweb

Yea, I like the catalog they send me from foster and smith. It has customer reviews on some of the products too. It's an added bonus when they send catalogs. Oh and I also found that you can use pond products for freshwater tanks it they are huge bottles for cheaper than the aquarium ones.

Where do you shop online?

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