How long do you use a filter pad?

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How long do you use a filter pad?

by zambize

So how often do you change out the filter media? I rinse mine out a couple of times before I change it out for a new one. I have read that you should reuse as long as you can because beneficial bacteria has grown in the filter pad, and that rinsing with tap water, as opposed to tank water, will instantly kill the bacteria. What do you do? How long do you think the charcoal is good?


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by cedricandcandy

Hi my 130g planted tank I change the filter pad about 6 monthly. The noodles and bio-balls I never wash or change but I just wash the basket that they sit in every 2 or 3 months or so; and this is at the same time as I do a good scrub of all the filter pipe work. Charcoal is only really good for maybe 6-8 weeks because it can release the toxins back into the tank. I think it is recommended that the charcoal is changed 4 weekly due to this, but I have succesfully used the same charcoal for up to 8 weeks.

Now I use purigen which you can regenerate.

In our 210g malawi predator tank we change conduct the same filatration changes but we have 2 filters in the tank; so i guess it equates to double the amount of filter media changes or washes...!

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by Tmercier834747

with my old bio-wheel filter I'd just wait until the water was brimming the overflow which usually didn't take more than 3 weeks. With my rena XP1 I wait until there's a very small reduction in water flow indicating the sponges are getting clogged which takes nearly a month before I rinse thoroghly in the sink. Most filters have designated media or areas where bacteria is designed to collect so I don't get any shivers of dread from the idea of completely changing out a pad, or thoroughyl rinsing my sponges. It just means it will be longer before I'll have to fool with it again. In my aquaclear I have some sort of ceramic-like material that never gets rinsed, and the rena has little bio-stars.

How long do you use a filter pad?

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