DIY co2, How do you experts have it!?

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DIY co2, How do you experts have it!?

by adehaan86

I'm interested in doing CO2 in my tank, the problem is what I have heard about CO2 DIY projects where you can have a big mess and be very hardful to fish if done backwards like letting PH go way up and way down or too much co2?

This is my questions to you experts or people that have the setup? What equipment do you have? How long does it last(CO2 yeast and sugar setup)? Tips (good or bad)? Bascially anything to get me from not knowing 1 thing to having it successful!


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by jweb

okay well i am no expert, but i know the setup, and have used it many times before. I use a ketchup bottle with mixture in it, which feeds to a tube, then to a bottle top half, cut off. then i use a small pump to push bubbles down and then they float back up and down again until they are very fine bubbles that escape.

That method is dangerous, as there is no way to regulate it. However you can continue modifying your mixture of yeast and sugar and best suite your needs. If you really want to dive into the CO2 I would not DIY it. It would probably be a little bit more expensive and you could buy the whole expert setup. That would come with a regulator, valves, diffusor, C02 tanks or packets that are premixed.

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by aaronnorth

first off the ph changes wont be an issue, they will change gradually over the course of a few hours, fish experience this in the wild due to simple things such as acid rain etc. Only sudden changes are harmful.

I would reccomend you to use 2 bottles, then change one midweek, and one at the weekend, this then keeps a steady supply of CO2 going into the tank, and it also means that the level of output from the mixture doesnt drop significantly.

DIY co2, How do you experts have it!?

3 posts

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