Help: Cat Hair in fish tank

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Help: Cat Hair in fish tank

by ohmyfish

So basically my problem is that some of my cat's hair got into my fish tank, dont know how. After I noticed it, I quickly vacuumed it trying to take out some of the hair, but I wasn't able to get all of it, there is still some lint floating around in the tank. My question is, should I be worried? My fish do seem fine, acting like usual, I might just overreacting but I don't want anything to happen to my little guys. Just trying to make sure. Any help would be great. Thnx in advance.

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by dizzcat

I have 5 cats, there is always hair in my tanks, no matter how careful I am!

I just take a net and scoop up as much as I can. The filter should grab the rest. Make sure when you clean the mechanical parts of your filter that you check the impeller, because mine will get hair wound around it at times.

Cats and hair in the tank is just something that will happen at times. I will dry my hands with a towel I didn't know a cat laid on and reach in the tank and get hair in it. Stuff like that. Before I put the lid back on after a water change I run a big fish net along the surface to remove as much as I can.

I will vacuum really good around my tanks before I do a water change to help with this issue. I vacuum almost everyday anyways, but do the extra to help.

The fish seem to ignore it.

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by jweb

you could always get red belly piranhas and they would love cats.

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by tomargir

I know that you may get away with it several times, but i wouldn't suggest that you don't bother solving the problem. There are many types of parasites that can be introduced in your tank. I would recommend that you stay on the safe side. Try to find a way to keep cat hair out of the tank. Even if the cat hair do not harm the fish directly it can clog the filter and lead to other problems.

Help: Cat Hair in fish tank

4 posts

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