gold fish

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gold fish

by ashraf

hi all...i got a little prob,i recieved 2gold fish from my fathers tank an introduced them into my tank all went ok and they settled in. the prob started when i introduced the fantail into the tank so they kept shunting and chasing the fantail around pieces of its tail started falling off.wot i dont understand is they all from my fathers tank.the fish are 3yrs old basically they grew up together.y they doing this??????????????pls help......thanks

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by cedricandcandy

Everytime a tank is rearranged (which is the same as what you have done by moving fish from one tank into another) the dynamics change too. And maybe the fantail was the dominant fish in your father's tank but now that they have all been moved, the others are trying to stop him from being the dominant one again in the new tank. They're all probably stressed from being moved and are trying to re-establish dominance and territory...

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by Burgerking7679

"They're all probably stressed from being moved"

Cedricandcandy stated it perfectly. Also, gold fish are coldwater fish, few keep them that way, but just though I'd mention it.
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by gumbii

gold fish are never dominant or anything like that... that's all BS...

you probably introduced a female in a tank with warmer water... when i breed goldfish i always do that... introduce a female after the male has been in the tank for a week or more... the male will beat her up like crazy untill she releases her eggs... sometimes they will beat them to death if you don't watch them...

the whole territory thing is fail... never heard anything so hillarious before... lol...

sorry cedric and BK...

gold fish

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