Saltwater Ick?

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Saltwater Ick?

by ER_RN

Hello I have a 55gallon FOWLR tank that keeps ick...I have tried everything that I know to do. I have tried hyposalinity..didn't work...I have tried fresh water dips didn't work...I have tried treating the tank with cipro...didn't work...I am to the end and about to jump off the with this tank...I have even had everything die off and not put NOTHING in the tank for 2 months and I just recently got a sailfin tang and a foxface rabbit fish and now the rabbit fish is broke out the tang isn't...I guess I am going to attempt a QT tank and treat the fish with copper or any other suggestions....How do you keep your water parameters under control in the QT cause if you change the other everyother day that would make your water unstable...I need help!!!!!!!!!! I have a extra protein skimmer and canister filter I can use on the QT tank if someone will give me some incite...thanks!!!

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by schigara

After 2 months with no fish in the tank, the tank was clean. You reintroduced the ich by introducing fish that had not been QT'd.

Most people who keep QT tanks, will keep filter floss in the sump and "alive" so when they need to setup a QT, they pull the floss and use it in a HOB in the QT tank.

To be sure of an ich free tank, you should have Qt'd the Sailfin and Rabbit for at least 6-7 weeks in Hypo.

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by breaknrun911

Schigara is right. I believe that there is a medication not only made for freshwater but saltwater as well. Its called Marcyn-2. Get that. Ive had friends use it in their freshwater and had great results. Saltwater? I dont know. If you have inverts and corals you may wanna research to be sure it wont kill them.

Saltwater Ick?

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