White film on top of the water

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White film on top of the water

by janus

Please can anyone tell me what is the white film on top of the water. New set up second day, no fish in it yet. The water is crystal clean only the top is white.

Thank you guys for the fast replys the white film is nearly gone now. I changed 10% of the water and I did turn my airstone full blast. I think I know what caused it! I did put a tablet in the water after set up with good bacteria in it. It says on the box of it to turn the airstone full blast for the next 24 hours but I didn't. Now I did.
It looks ok now. Thank you again you are the best! Your replys really made me think !
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by snowboss

janus - -not a fresh water guy -but i would ask you to post more info on the water - -is it tap water? is it well water, RO water, city water? etc etc - -could just be junk in there floating to the top - - could be coming from your substrate, new filters, dirty hands, lots of places - -post more info if you can and I'd watch it for a couple days - - my salt water tank was cloudy for 3-5 days when I first set it up - -then the filters "broke in" and some of the paint and stuff came off of a plastic decoration - i still have a "film" on the top of the water but Im adding a protien skimmer in the next couple days {salt water toys} -from there it has been pretty clean except for the normal algae blooms during the cyle [but thats another whole ballgame} lol welcome !!!!

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by cyndrine

it shouldn't be there that is for sure. Need more info and description of it to suggest a proper way to get rid of it and prevent a reoccurance. is it just a film, is it bubbly in any way, anything seem suspended in it? what kind of filter you using?

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by miami754

Is it really white or is it more like an oily substance? If it is the latter then it may be that the surface is not being aggitated enough. This can occur when your filter does not disturb the surface very much. Usually an airstone will clear this up. It could also be oils from the food you are feeding or oils from your skin if you are putting your hand in there. If you describe it a little more then we can probably help you out.

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by zambize

I agree, need more info like the others requested. One comment that might help someone. I just set up a new 5 gallon Betta tank and kept getting a brown film across the top. When fed, my Betta would dart to the top and stop just short and then not eat. I figured out that it was the Betta Bulbs I had planted in the tank. Even though I had rinsed them thoroughly they were still putting off this awful brown film that Finley refused to touch, even to eat after 5 days. I removed the bulbs and the water is crystal clear now. So stop and think about EVERY single thing that has touched your water.


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by gumbii

i get the white stuff on the top when i use sand... i guess i don't clean it good enough in the bucket... one way to get rid of it is to run napkins on the top of the tank... just let it soak it up and throw it away... you could get a surface extractor if you have a canister filter...

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White film on top of the water

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