I am going to be a Dad!!!!

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I am going to be a Dad!!!!

by Rodricke

Well I have been watching the antics of one of my fish and although I am convinced that he is still loopy I have done some research and oonly to find that he is also Horny. Now one fish that was very prominent in the tank has all of usudden gone quiet and hides alot. So I have been watching a little longer and alot closer only to find that her throat looked swolen and on closer inspection and confirming my suspicions she (thought it was a he) is carrying eggs in her mouth. Hell I am so excited!!! Not even 3 months into this hobby and my first tank ever and I have "expecting parents" To be honest I was going mainly for males and was not interested in the breeding aspect of this hobby BUT telling the sex when you get fish from small is v.difficult - BUT NOW I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED!!!
It now leads to a whole range of new experiances and questions and learning
So PLEASE anyone that can give me info it would be EXTREMELY APPRECIATED
I have read that I must take "mom" out of the tank after 2 weeks or so BUT my tank layout makes it virtually impossible to get anyone out ESPECIALLY a mom carrying. There a far too many unobtainable areas little caves and crevices and at the moment she spends 95% of her time in a very secluded spot at the back of the tank behind all the rocks.
Please give me some suggestions regarding water changes and the basic maintennce etc etc during this time. I don't want to disrupt things too much to effect this "pregnancy" Also based on the layout of my tank decor / rocks do I just leave it natural and let her deliver the babies in a "natural environment" There is plenty hiding places for the small fry to hide
Any help or suggestions will be gr8ly appreciated - I want this to be successful!!!

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by cedricandcandy

Hello again Rod and congrats! I assume this is your zebra you are talking about. Zebras are about the easiest cichlids to breed. We used to breed them succesfully for years and basically you can't do anything wrong. Zebras will breed in a mixed tank and you dont have to separate any fish so long as there is plenty of hidey spots for the fry. We invested in a small square piece of fake reedy grass and placed it in a corner of the tank. The fry would hide in the grass any even the most agressice of fish couldn;t get to them.

Mate...if its the zebras you're talking about...they'll be fine so long as you've given them spots where the bigger fish won't get to them.

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by dizzcat

Congrats :-)

You don't have to do anything special. Just keep up your normal routine. I put each mom in a 10 gallon till they spit the first time just so I could see. Now I just leave them in the main tank. I have a small pile of rocks that I can see into and I have seen a Red Zebra fry and a Yellow fry hanging out in there.

I am going to be a Dad!!!!

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