Mentally Unstable

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Mentally Unstable

by Rodrick

Is there any chance that a Fish can be Mentally unstable - coz I got a Freak
I think he is a cross btw a Salousi and a Red Zebra. He goes into almost like Epileptic Fit mode on a regular basis whereby he shakes vigorously and swims around at a rapid pace twitching and twisting. He also then stays completely still and then and then just starts shaking at a rapid pace. He is extremely busy and never is in chill mode. He constantly chases everyone around and is a compulsive digger In fact his digging capabilities are ridiculous and can dig a crater of around 4.5 inches deep and in around 2 days
He is just not well and sometimes I think it is worth taking him out of the tank. Is it possible that Fish can be MENTALLY UNSTABLE!!! I am going to try take a video and post it to show his behaviour. I would be interested in hearing any similiar situations or feed back

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by joshheatherc

I think that it is very possible. i have a red-tailed shark that goes crazy on a daily basis. He flips around,twirls, swims on his side, he's a spaz. He has been in this tank for a little over 2 years, the tank was given to me so i've only had him for about 3 months. He also twitchs and sometimes he pretends to be an sucker, he will go along side the tank as if he is cleaning it, moving his mouth along the tank and such, NO JOKE!!! He's mental and since he chases and bothers other fish i am thinking of taking him out aswell. I thought he was acting crazy because I have not made him a cave yet, but i was talking to the previous owner of the tank and she said that he has always been that

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by Rodricke

Well My in-experience is showing (2 and a half months) and excuse me for my ignorance. He is just Horny. Last night I found out that one of my other fish that has been very quiet the last 2 days is carrying eggs in her mouth Man I am very excited about this new chapter in my fish keeping experience

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by j_bball_rox

haha i had an albino corydora that used to that but he's dead :( but alwell because i doubt it was that MENTALLY UNSTABLNESS because 90% albino corys ive seen act like they have to much sugar. also sad story about the red tail shark mate but i have to say still quite funny. Maybe a cave would help, or maybe at least it would probably stop him from chases the other fish and being terrotorial. AND Last of all congrats on the Pyshco / Horny Red Zebra looking forward to seeing baby pics.

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by cedricandcandy

Congrats Rodricke...! The shaking & shivering dance is normally part of the mating ritual and its looks llike he's going to be a daddy! Woohoo!!!!

Mentally Unstable

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