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by vwfan79

Does anyone know where to get a pump for a wet/dry system thats cheap. I'm looking to pump 400-500 gph. I looked at home depot and there cheapest one was like $70.

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by Tmercier834747

just a shot in the dark....craigslist? hard-working pumps don't usually come cheap unless someone's basically giving it away

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by fihsboy

Rio 1700......great pump for the price.......and it runs 17 watts. Cant beat that. I bought mine second hand for 15 bucks....now im running a mag drive 5.......works better draws 54 watts.......cost a lot more. pushes about 350gph at a 4ft head though. :) the rio 1700 only pushed about 250

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by nighthawk2207

seen quite a few mag drive 5's on ebay for 70 bucks not to bad really i'm thinking of buying one


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