Anyone own a Coralife Super Protein Skimmer w/Needle Wheel ?

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Anyone own a Coralife Super Protein Skimmer w/Needle Wheel ?

by Tien6079

I have been asking about skimmers in some previous threads and I have found one that I think might work. Here is the link: ... atid=13924

I have very limited space for a skimmer, but this model appears to have flexible tubing to put the intake and output wherever you want. I am curious if anyone owns the 65 gallon model and can tell me more about it.

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by saltwaterpimp

I would not waste your money on this skimmer, try a ASM or octopus skimmers , for a extra 20 bucks you could pick up a ASM G1,or a octo NW 110 that will out preform the coralife all day, but if this is your only choice there is mods you can do to it.

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by gdeeber

I own the skimmer you are looking at and I would agree with saltwaterpimp. I installed my in a sump and it works fine but I wish I had read up more and bought a Remora C or some other brand. It is not the best at producing skmate and every once and a while it will over flow the top cup and pour all the crap in my sump/tank. Look for a better brand and stay away from Seaclone skimmers they are even worse.

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by fihsboy

I had this skimmer for 5 pulls a LOT. theres a lot to tamper with on it to get it running right......and make sure your running RO water not primed water. This thing works great. If you have already bought it you will not be dissapointed. As far as what these guys are saying....I will agree. I got rid of it to get what I have now....Aqua C remora, it runs on a maxi jet which is small and kicks @!# on the skimmer. It cant overflow unlike the coralife super skimmer....(which is why I switched) A skimmer doesnt do you any good if it pulls out soo much crap it just starts dumping it back in your aquarium or on your floor. The pump is HUGE......but for the money....(I bought mine for 120 with everything) you cant go wrong...Its all my lfs uses on every system in his store.

Anyone own a Coralife Super Protein Skimmer w/Needle Wheel ?

4 posts

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