dwarf puffer

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dwarf puffer

by LUCHFO4996

what is the best tank size for a dwarf puffer?Should they be kept in groups?

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by a1k8t31524

well 10 gallon should be fine for one but i know that they can be aggressive and territorial so make sure that if you have more than one they have plenty of space

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by Tmercier834747

I would keep them species only in a 10 gallon, 3 max. Ratio of 1m to 2f. Also generally they don't play well with others once adults, but ghost shrimp (cheap) and otociculus (inconspicuous) make nice tank mates. If one should decide to kill a ghost shrimp its an easy replacement..

They'll also need plenty of plant cover and ''caves'' to break line of sight should the male get bent out of shape.

dwarf puffer

3 posts

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