Quick Question???

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Quick Question???

by FoMoCo4ever7781

When you go to rate photos does it rate just that photo or the whole users tank???

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by cedricandcandy

I believe it just rates that particular photo of the tank....because people can have more then one rated photos of the same tank. Hopefully someone can confirm this?

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by Snowboss4492

if you in the tank rating section then yes its rateing the tank..........each profile has a tank photo as a primary and then you have the option to add specific fish, corals, or just additional photos which can be rated seperate from the main tank pic

FOMOCO4ever? ...lol lets hope so my friend


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by bigwillcast

yeah my dad works at ford.. things aren't lookin well. Oh my, if you guys only knew how bad michigan was doing right now. Good thing I'm single handedly boosting the economy buying fish tank equip.

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by BurgerKing7704

lol, your a great person bigwillcast. And yea, it just rates the particular photo.

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by Fomoco4ever7789

Thanks fellas. I was wondering cause i was rating some pics bad when other pics of the tank/fish were good looking and was wondering if just the rating on that one pic was my rating of the whole tank.

I hear Fords better off than GM right now. Probably cause they sold Aston Martin Jaguar and Land Rover over the past couple years. If GM needed to they could sell a couple of there assets like Saab which has to be the least sold car in america.

Quick Question???

6 posts

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