Sand, or rocks ?

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Sand, or rocks ?

by dgwin2648

I'm thinking about changing out my tank with sand on the bottom, any thoughts, pro's, con's etc. to doing this ?

I've heard both side of the discussion about sand in the filters, raising the filter pick-up tube, etc. So I'm just looking for any feedback here.

Thanks !

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by 55gSW

I've had experience with sandbeds both deep and shallow. In general I don't like sandbeds. They can get stagnent areas which can get pockets of sulphur gas build up. It can be tricky to clean and some fish will dig it up constantly so you end up with a sandstorm! But if I was keeping fish that needed sand I would of course use it.
What you use is up to you though and what look or idea you have in mind for your tank!

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by starbetta

I use gravel so that when I vaccum the bed, I don't suck up the sand. Sand is more natural though.

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by gumbii

i love sand... but it is a little bit more high maintanence... whenever i do a water change, i stir the sand around a bit... it releases any built up gasses, and lets the detris rise from the bed... then i just vacuum the poop and stuff off the sand... i don't use the big part of the vacuum tube... i just use a plastic hose...

another thing... every tank i have sand in i use a UGJ system... that's under gravel jets... it's a series of jets on a PVC closed system powered by a powerhead... they blow all of the poop and dirt off he bottom and into the sponge filter and the filter intakes...

here's a video of a friend's tank from another forum... he's using 3M color quartz sand and a UGJ system...

the color quartz is the best substrate you could get... it doesn't get gas pockets because it's actually tiny crystals of quartz and doesn't compact on itself... it's also alot heavier... so if a fish swims by there isn't sand all over the place... and it's kind of cheap... you could find it for 20-50 bucks a 50lb bag... they have a bunch of awesome colors and different grades of sand...

Sand, or rocks ?

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