a few new shots

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a few new shots

by dick_headers

1.Echinophyllia sp.
2.left side
3.right side

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by fihsboy

Damn its lookin nice! Is that a hairy shroom in the bottom of the bottom picture?

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by a1k8t31524

i want one

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by blueshoes2208

.... one day my friends....... one day......

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by newbie916

Those are some nice pics and your water look prestine. It looks like you don't even have water in there it's so clear. Very nice!!!

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by schigara

Dick, looks absolutely awesome man.

You spot feed the tubastrea?

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by saltwaterpimp

I have nothing to say to you:)..


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by dick_headers

Thank you very much everybody! We all know these are the biggest compliments
we can get, so thanx a lot, really! Belive me I work hard for these results, but it gets easier day by day.
When I started this 10G I wanted to create a system that looks just like a big one. I love when I show picctures of my tank to some experts, and they won't belive that this is 10 gallon set up. And I swear I'm not boosting or anything like that, it just feels awesome guys.
I still have some trouble taking real honest pictures. I feel like it is too blue on the pics, a bit bluer than it is in reality.
Like the echinophillya is a sorta' pinkish tourquise color, and I can't get the picture right. It is so beautiful.
Anyways.. I truly appreciate the feedbacks! Fisboy,a!k8t3,bluesuedeshoes;-),newbie916,schigara,big SWP love you all guys!!!

Boss...I love you too:-)

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by dick_headers


I don't really spotfeed anything, because it is such a small tank, "everybody" gets some at feeding time. I just turn off the canister( for about 45 minutes) and let the powerhead running. I feed all kinds of good stuffs, but the brine shrimp and the marine cuisine is his personal favorite.I also have marine snow and rotifers.+ the refugium supplies lots of natural stuff basically all day long. He fully open after about 10 minutes and stays like that all night.

Thanx Schigara.

Ps. I think you're more of a stony friend, like acros, montis, and such. I love them all, so I'm extra happy that I can maintance a well mixed tank.

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by Snowboss4492

the Boss bows in awe to the master of the Nano reef

beautiful rig man !!!!!! - - -

i can ony hope to acmplish something similar in my 20 long after the big tank gets up and running

I love looking at high end reefs, but a pristine nano is where it's at man!!!

friggin awsome !!!!!!

and yes i love you too Big D


a few new shots

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