What Doesn't Pirahnas Eat ??

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What Doesn't Pirahnas Eat ??

by vicky88_nofear

I have been having 5 RBP's for the past 3yrs in my 120G tank,.. even if i wanna add any fishes, they are torn into pieces in front of my eyes.. but i dont care about fishes.. All i wanted to know is, What Doesn't Pirahnas Eat ?? is ther anything like CRABS or anyother Livehood which wont be eatin by Piranha ?


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by jweb1369

here is something i found on another forum
http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forum ... hp?t=50149

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by dick_headers

A whale...

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by gumbii

i had blue bellies and black lines with tetras, angel fish, discus, and silver dollars... srsly... i've only seen them eat unhealthy and injured fish...

well mine were always fed three times a day with NLS and hikari gold...

What Doesn't Pirahnas Eat ??

4 posts

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