Veterans Day

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Veterans Day

by Snowboss4492

Snowboss - - Sgt. Schulze USMC 1988-1992 , 8th Motor transport battalion, BSSG-4, USS Iwo Jima, Gulf War.Operation Desert Storm, Kuwaiti Liberation force

to all my Brothers and Sisters who have sacrificed, served and are serving and sarificeing you lives and time to keep our country free ...........


your efforts, thoughts and actions are not ignored or forgotten

AL SCHULZE {the Snowboss}

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by blueshoes2208

Blueshoes2208- 235 exp halo 3, 8th prestige call of duty 4, veteran on medal of honor......

but in all seriousness thanks for all you guys that actually did do that shizat

Michael Bradley ( blueshoes2208)

Veterans Day

2 posts

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