Appropriate but low cost lighting

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Appropriate but low cost lighting


Hello everybody,
What would be an appropriate lighting system for my 20 gallon high saltwater tank? I am looking for something that is not ridiculously expensive either.

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by Snowboss4492

power compact fixtures from Current Satilite , are reasonable and nice sturdy lights - - - -not the best for high end corals, but ver good for most everything else......i have a dual 65watt, 10,000K, with actinic and a moon led, 30 inches long and it was like 225 bucks and ive seen the same fixture for 180- 200 now - - it has a cooling fan built in as well {a little on the noisy side but i don't hear it now that i'm used to it

good light IMO


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by nicholas542

I'm keeing LPS corals like Branching Hammer and Branching Frogspawn under a Hagen Dual T5 39W ( 1 18.000K 1 6500K ) with 2 20W Corallife actintic 03 blues and their thriving. The Hagen was like $ 85.00 bucks minus the bulbs, and the other fixture was $ 25.00 minus the bulbs.

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by singapore

i have the exact same light as boss, but not brand name, and i paid $85 on ebay for it. i mean, if you want the security of a brand name light, go for it. but i took the chance with my ebay one, and its perfect. i have softies, lps, and a sebae anenome.

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by lionlord3502

be arefull with your cheaper power compact as i found out ya you git a good light for 125$ but when it comes bulb replasment time it is cheaper to buy a new fixter witht the bulbs that it is to replace them. if you can go t5 that are cheap and all t5 bulbs fit a fixter. no worying weather it is a squer pin set or a strat pin set.

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by gumbii

buy a hood and get a retrofit kit...

check out i got a couple of MH retro's from they before...

also... check out craigslist... i just got a used 250W MH complete retrofit kit with a 14,000K bulb and a 20,000K bulb for $100...!!!!

well actually i met the dude on reef central... but craigslist has teh deals!!...

Appropriate but low cost lighting

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