help needed regarding waterfall and lighting

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help needed regarding waterfall and lighting

by dinarian

guys am thankful to few guys like gumbii, jweb1369, Zambize, last time around their advice was invaluable and i dont have any casualities, thank you guys, now am planning of setting up a tank with a kind of waterfall setup, with few LED's, guys need your help, i tried googling it, i want cost effective DIY setup for setting up a waterfall, coz this time i want to setup something with my efforts, and money isnt a big criteria as long as am the one who is gonna get the things and set it up. btw the tank size is about, 2 feet(length) X 1 feet X 1 feet.
guys thanks again

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by yasherkoach

first, your fish must have an inherent need for a "stream-like" habitat.

next, you can use a powerhead at one end, in the corner. take a few stones/rocks (slate or sandstone) to bulld up a portion in a corner of the tank so the water flows down over the rocks. you will need to leave the water level lower than the plastic strip at the top of the tank so the water flows over and down. also I advise to use some live plants on the edges of the rocks.

of course your tank is small so you will need to use a small powerhead for the water flow. it is best to have a 40 gallon plus tank to get the real effect of a waterfall. nevertheless, situate the waterfall in a corner of the tank.

if you need more clarification, let us know, we're here to help

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by gumbii

i had a 60 gallon palladium a couple of months ago... do a search for palladium and work around it... i housed frogs and a couple of emperor newts in it... it only had a 1g pond, and a 4ft long waterfall... it was very nice with orchid moss, rocks, and plants...

well i looked for some pics and i came up with nothing... lol... i'll keep looking...

you could try to make it like this... ... atid=13978

all it has is a powerhead and a tube that makes the water come out from the top side...

for terrain/rocks you could use a can of "great stuff" from home depot... that's what i used... just lay down the tubing, and fill up the tank with great stuff... then scrape, cut all of the stuff you don't want in there... or do a styrofoam style...

sorry i can't be more help...

help needed regarding waterfall and lighting

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