shitty weekend

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shitty weekend

by adamcore

I had found a woman selling a 110 gallon tank a stand, filters and everything for only 185 dollars....

I was scheduled to pick it up on Sunday morning at around 9
Instead, I was robbed on money, cell phone, keys, even some clothes were stolen.

So I guess getting a fish tank has to be delayed for another 2 weeks or so :/

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by doomydarkdoom

Dude that blows... I'm so sorry to hear that. Stupid crooks. :(

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by dizzcat

That is a bummer!!

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by bacrosslin

Man that sucks ass. I hope the lady will hold it for you.

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by j_bball_rox

dude i hate robbers GRRR I kick their bum holes from here to china and to america and back again

shitty weekend

5 posts

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