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by puffedupseagull

Yesterday I panicked real hard,
My coral banded shrimp that I have had for years was stuck in my power head DEAD.
Having a blond moment, I soon relised the today that it was his sheded shell we found, and the FUNERAL with the family in the back garden, was not as necessary as first thought

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by blueshoes2208

hahaha nice..... i decided to stir up my decaying shrimp and i found that what was left was pretty much like peeled skin and a bluish black spot on the sand... but no shrimp haha

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by angus4481

i always do the freak out thing when i see it in my tank too. or if my big crab leaves his legs scattered along the bottom of my tank, it usualy looks like he blew up or something. it keeps us laughing

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by Snowboss4492

lol......your not alone man......my large hermit gets a few days of silence and even a funeral once everytime he molts here to................and yeah Angus, it does look like he stepped on a landmine or something with legs and pieces all over the tank

the pick is a good shot of his anemone . . . .sorry didn't catch his big claw, lil buggar is fast, lol

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