help choosing fishes

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help choosing fishes

by eazy4647

hey guys i need some help. since my tank is going thru its cycle. i figured it be best i start lookin into wat type of fishes i want. i kno im gonna get me a paired tank raised clown fish. i wanted a yellow tang but ive been told they get too big for my 30g tank. now questions is. i wanna set up a nice enviorment wit nice colorful and not dull fishes. so. if u guys could help me put a list together of some cool and enjoyable fishes dat would fit my tank. id appreciate it ;]

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by jav36

hey i have a 30 gallon too
i think some good choices are flame angel, blenny, or a small wrasse

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by angus4481

if you want something easy, look into chromis. they live in schools and are very colorful. i have 4 green ones, they are the coolest fish in my tank. no matter what, they stay close to eachother like a team

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by singapore

i agree, chromis are nice, and cheap. and i hear they live for ages. if you are okay with some territorial fish then damsels are nice cheap additions that are great as first fishes, especially the blue and yellow ones. i have 3 damsels in my 20 gal with my clown and everyone gets along great

help choosing fishes

4 posts

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