I plan to breed, Where should I start?

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I plan to breed, Where should I start?

by Anderson1712

Hi, Im new to aquariums and stuff and have suddenly wanted to breed some Neon Tetra's (considering it could be easy, they're easy to keep fish, But I might be wrong) and create a whole school of them for cheap.

Is there anything I need to do like maybe buy some equipment etc?

Thanks :)

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by Peterkarig3210

There's info on the web about breeding. They are egg layers and the parents should be removed as soon as they lay their eggs because after a day or so the eggs will hatch and the parents will eat their fry.

There are different ways to get them to spawn. The female is slightly plumper than the males and has a slightly bent line on it's side and the males have a straight line.

One way is to start the breeding pair in a tank and letting the nitrates rise for a while. Then do a large water change to simulate the spring rains when they spawn.

Other methods include adjusting the light cycle to simulate the lenghening of days.

I plan to breed, Where should I start?

2 posts

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