How to keep temp down in tank,

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How to keep temp down in tank,

by zoepaige07

I have a 55 gallon salt water tank, the temp goes up to 84 in the day and 82 at night how do i get it down and keep it around 77?? Thanks

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Re: How to keep temp down in tank,

by MarineBiologist1933

well you could do this expensive or low cost way, buy a chiller which will atutomatically control your temp, or you could put RO ice cubes in you tank, this is a proven method which is low impact on inhabitants. just freeze some RO water or dechlorinated water, whatever you use. keep the top of your tank open or just buy a cheap fan from your local electronic store and position it at the waters surface, this is not only good at reducing the waters temp but increases the gas exchange at the surface. i would do the latter if you want results hope that helps

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cool water

by natureboy222

I have always run a fan at the surface of the water it can cool your tank down 6degrees.Your lights are the culprit and you should stick your hand under them for a minute or so.They run at over a hundred degrees.You can rig a fan on your tank and solve a huge temp problem.It might not look super great or sound great but depending on the size of the fan and the location you can save $$$.Chillers are 800$and a fan is 20$ There are pet stores I frequent that have adopted the fan method with great results.It will also save money on electricety chillers can run 1000watts plus,and somtimes ice is just a super quick remedy.

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by tangerine

should you decide to use fans,keep a watch on your water levels as evaporation can be quite a fair bit.

How to keep temp down in tank,

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