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  • I like your fish!!! Fish avatar

    2010-04-03 15:23:26

  • yeah thats funny alright takes some imagination to come up with something like that, though thats a nice tank i hope ur actually put some REAL fish into it as id love a tank that size, take care lol Tiernans2fishes avatar Tiernans2fishes

    2009-08-21 10:28:35

  • i like it, minimal, clean, low maintenance. shibby. Fish avatar adm213

    2009-06-07 01:09:56

  • rubbish Fish avatar galec

    2009-04-28 10:06:18

  • Is that a Sohal? Fish avatar mikey367

    2008-12-09 11:22:37

  • Its got alot of potential. I think the fish needs a friend.He looks a bit flat. Fish avatar meekle

    2008-05-28 08:54:38

  • what i want to what the tanks rated WORSE than this look like lol. rsbadger15 avatar rsbadger15

    2008-04-02 08:44:08

  • best tank i've ever seen...your balls deep buddy FishDoc avatar FishDoc

    2008-03-30 17:53:02

  • Sweet tank. Fish avatar mikey367

    2008-03-28 20:23:14

  • Well, the sponge looks good! But hey - CLEAN YOUR ROOM! Bet your mom says that to you all the time! 55gSW avatar 55gSW

    2007-11-09 06:26:32

  • Your tank looks great mate! Where did you get that fish? Is that one of those rare blue tailed Crapicus Drawnicus, or just a common one with the yellow tail? I can't judge by the picture bro.The sponge is in great shape too! I bet you have a strong iodine level. Keep up with the good job!I hope one day i'll have a tank half as nice as yours. Take Care Man! You made me laugh:-) Thanx! dick_headers avatar dick_headers

    2007-08-30 20:33:51

  • great tank lol hahaha .. NOT fish2306 avatar fish2306

    2007-08-24 15:53:10

  • really thats just retarded i always rate you 0 Fish avatar FRANK123

    2007-08-16 21:32:01

  • ok.... NOT FUnny this tank like sucks !! LOl fish2306 avatar fish2306

    2007-07-14 17:03:08

  • lol are u high or poor no offence man but wtf XTDRAGON avatar XTDRAGON

    2007-05-17 23:00:35

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