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User: ourtank

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55 gallon, with rocks and fake plants (for now)

Photo Caption: 55 gallon, with rocks and fake plants (for now)
Tank Description: 55 gallon tank with rocks and soon driftwood. Undergravel filtration system. Two pumps one 550 and one 660.
Ranked #2134 out of 4924 freshwater tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 56.66% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 4.08
This tank has been rated : 101 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 3.94
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Fish Kept: Two plecos, 8 tiger barbs, 8 blue danios, 3 honey gouramis, 3 tri spot gouramis
Corals/Plants Kept: None... yet
Tank Size: 55


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