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Closeup section of my tank

Photo Caption: Closeup section of my tank
Tank Description: AGA 37 gallon, Sundial T5/2-14K,2-Actinic 03s, CPR Aquatics BakPak II, Rena Filstar 4 with only purigen, chemi-pure elite and phosphate absorber. One Koralia1 on the back left top blowing to front, Koralia Nano on the top right side blowing across to the left bottom corner. I add 8 drops of Iodide 1x/day, calcium is dosed as need to maintain 350PPM, magnesium,strontium/Moly are dosed every 9 days at 10 drops of each. Buffer added as needed to maintain 10-12dkH. I feed frozen rotifers, cyclopeze 3xs/week in small amounts. I use DTs Phtyo 1-2xs/week.
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About Yourself: Managed a pet store in 80's, had 23 freshwater tanks, bred central american cichlids bred true chameleons and Phelsuma (Gieco Gecko LOL!)went into the AF and have kids now, so thought it was time to expose them to the wonderful hobby of fish keeping.
Fish Kept: 1-Banghaii Cardinal, 1-Firefish goby, 1-six-line wrasse, 1-yellow watchman goby, 1-painted clown goby, 1-green chromis, 1-pygmy hawk.
Corals/Plants Kept: 2-Acans (1 red, 1 green) 2-Monti Cap (1 orange, 1 green) 1-Green Psammacora 1-Acro sp. 1-Duncan w/new head 1-Blasto wellsi w/3 new heads 1-Candy Cane 1-Robokaki Chalice 1-Alien Eye Chalice 1-Galaxia (it was on the bottom got bumped by the mag cleaner and all but bad not checking it's location after the bottom relocation) 1-Green Favia 1-kenyan tree softie 2-Neon Green Sinularia 1-Green Polyped Leather 12+ assorted colored Ricordea 4+ hairy mushrooms 2 Metallic green elephant ears 2-Red Rhodactis 5 or 6 Green Rhodactis Many different color Discsomas Many different color Zoanthids 2 species Pulsing Xenia Electric Green Colve polyps that have orange tips Daisy Cloves Micro blue cloves Orange Gorgonian (captive frag doing good so far) INVERTS~ 6-8 blue leg hermits 2-peppermint shrimp 1-Scarlet cleaner shrimp 1-growing brittle star ( came as a hitchhiker)
Tank Size: 37