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Aquascapesofla's Saltwater Fish Photo (ID 27769) - Full Version

Clown Trigger

Photo Caption: Clown Trigger
Tank Description: 135 Mixed Reef 72" Tank T5HO 800watts Tunze doc skimmer Simple sump Sulphur Reactor
Ranked #16 out of 1574 saltwater fish worldwide
This picture looks better than 98.98% of pictures in this category
The Average Score for this picture is: 7.53
This picture has been rated : 19 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 5.15
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Fish Kept: Blonde Naso Regal Tang Yellow Tang Sohal Tang Orange Shoulder Purple Tang Mystery Wrasse Radiant Wrasse Sweet Lips Harlequin Tusk Clown Trigger Blue Asessor Anthias Harem (Lyretail) Darwin Percula Pair of Percula
Corals/Plants Kept: Too many to List!
Tank Size: 135


  • Gorgeous fish!!!! Fish avatar

    2010-03-24 15:12:48

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