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User: Tien

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No more beutiful fish than a Betta

Photo Caption: No more beutiful fish than a Betta
Tank Description: 120 gallons with custom work. See the before and after pictures. I sealed off the corners of the tank with plexy glass. I placed filtration tubing, heaters, and pumps between the wall of the tank and the plexy. I drilled ports in the plexy to run the filtration tubing and then built the rock background on the plexy to hide the equipment from view. I am using a Marineland C-360 and 220.. It has been a 2 month project, but has been well worth it.
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About Yourself: Just had the itch one day and bought a few Bettas and kept going from there. I have an interest in saltwater tanks, however my pocket book does not currently share the same interest. I just aquired a 120 gallon tank and am in the process of setting it up for saltwater
Fish Kept: Mono Sebae, Russell's Lion, Stonefish, Powder Brown Tang, Spiney Box Puffer, Columbian Shark (catfish).
Corals/Plants Kept: Fake Plants
Tank Size: 120