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Executivelevel's Corals & Inverts Photo (ID 13954) - Full Version

my flame scallop

Photo Caption: my flame scallop
Tank Description: a newly established tank. 50 lbs live rock, corallife lights, undergravel filter, 200 and 300 watt heaters, 1500 canister filter, custom stand built into wall.
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The Average Score for this category is: 4.74
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Fish Kept: 1 pair oscellaris clowns, snowflake eel, long spine urchin, hermit crabs, turbo snail(named "Rocket"), honeycomb puffer, pacific sailfin tang, flame scallop, dogfaced puffer, picasso trigger
Corals/Plants Kept: none so far, lighting is way to expensive right now
Tank Size: 120


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my long spine urchin
Photo Caption: my long spine urchin
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Category Avg. Score: 4.74
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