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Rasboraluver's Planted Tanks Details and Photos - Photo 37605

User: rasboraluver

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update on tank started july 2011 Picture taken December 2011
Ranked #621 out of 2356 planted tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 73.64% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 5.46
This tank has been rated : 114 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 4.74
State: None/Other
Country: France France Flag
Photo Caption: update on tank started july 2011. Picture taken December 2011
Description: 240liters (120*40*50cm) 1*JBL Solar tropic T8 38w tube, interieur filter with all sorts of filter masses, JBL co2 kit, JBL mandano substrat + quartz sand.(now with 2*38w solar trpoic & 1*sera daylight brilliant as of Sep 2011)
Advice: I'm too new to this to give advice, but i have learnt that patience is everything.
Fish Kept: Harqlequin rasboras + couple colisa chuna + glass catfish and 10 cardinals added nov 2011
Corals/Plants Kept: all the classic plants found at all garden centers
Quote: \\\\\\\"A successful aquarium is more about keeping water than fish or plants\\\\\\\"
About Yourself: I am still very new to this. It only started 2 years ago with a 80liter tank that i bought at a garden centre one sunday just cos i was bored. I now have a 240liter going since july 2011. I\'ve been really biten by the bug!! I can\'t wait to get home from work every night just to see how my aquariums doing!



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