Saltwater Aquarium Fish Species

Popular Fish Name Fish Family Scientific Name

Species suitable for beginners

Clownfish Amphiprion Percula
Damselfish Pomacentridae Chromis chromis

Species needing experienced care and large tanks

Dragonets Callionymidae Callionymus
Lionfish Scorpaenidae Pterois or Dendrochirus,
test11 Callionymidae test22

Species needing expert care and best avoided

Antennata Lionfish Scorpaenidae Pterois Antennata
Rays Rajomorphii or Batoidea Batoidea - common rays and skates Myliobatiformes - eagle rays, manta rays Pristiformes - sawfishes
Seahorse Syngnathidae Hippocampus
Sharks Selachimorpha Hexanchiformes: Examples from this group include the cow sharks, frilled shark and even a shark that


Longnose Hawkfish

saltwater fish - oxycirrhites typus - longnose hawkfish stocking in 185 gallons tank - update
Fish Name Longnose Hawkfish
Scientific Name Oxycirrhites Typus
Description: update

Brazilian Reidi Seahorse

saltwater fish - hippocampus reidi - brazilian reidi seahorse stocking in 155 gallons tank - sea horse
Fish Name Brazilian Reidi Seahorse
Scientific Name Hippocampus Reidi
Description: sea horse

Black Seahorse

saltwater fish - hippocampus erectus - black seahorse stocking in 30 gallons tank - This is my male horse, Colt hitched on to his favorite thing ever, the Gorgonian
Fish Name Black Seahorse
Scientific Name Hippocampus Erectus
Description: This is my male horse, Colt hitched on to his favorite thing ever, the Gorgonian

Clown Triggerfish

saltwater fish - balistoides conspicillum - clown triggerfish stocking in 150 gallons tank - Clown Trigger
Fish Name Clown Triggerfish
Scientific Name Balistoides Conspicillum
Description: Clown Trigger

Purple Pseudochromis

saltwater fish - pseudochromis porphyreus - purple pseudochromis stocking in 125 gallons tank - purple dottyback
Fish Name Purple Pseudochromis
Scientific Name Pseudochromis Porphyreus
Description: purple dottyback