Spotted Danio Information & Care

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Fish Type Egg-laying
Fish Family Cyprinids
Sub Family 1 Danios
Common Name Spotted Danio
Scientific Name Danio nigrofasciatus

The Spotted Danio or Dwarf Danio (Danio nigrofasciatus) is a tropical fish belonging to the minnow family (Cyprinidae). Originating in northern Myanmar, this fish is sometimes found in community tanks by fish keeping hobbyists. It grows to a maximum length of 1.5 inches (3.7 cm).

In the wild, the Spotted Danio is found in rivers in a tropical climate and prefer water with a 6.5 - 7.0 pH, a water hardness of 5.0 - 12.0 dGH, and an ideal temperature range of 75 - 82 °F (24 - 28 °C). The Spotted Danio is an egglayer.