Siamese Fighting Fish Information & Care

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Fish Type Egg-laying
Fish Family Labyrinth fish
Common Name Siamese Fighting Fish
Scientific Name Betta splendens

The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) is one of the most popular species of freshwater aquarium fish. It is a member of the gourami family (family Osphronemidae) of order Perciformes, but was formerly classified among the Anabantidae. It is native to the Mekong basin in Southeast Asia.

The natural colouration of B. splendens is a dull green and brown, and the fins of wild specimens are relatively short; brilliantly-coloured and longer-finned varieties have, however, been developed by breeders.

In the wild, the Siamese fighting fish inhabits standing or slow-moving water, including floodplains and rice paddys, at temperatures of 24–30°C (75–86°F). Carnivorous, it feeds on zooplankton and mosquito and other insect larvae.

B. splendens grows to an overall length of approximately 6 cm (2.5 in), and has a life span of up to two years.