Horseface Loach Information & Care

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Fish Type Egg-laying
Fish Family Loaches
Common Name Horseface Loach
Scientific Name Acantopsis choirorhynchus

The Horseface Loach (or Horsehead Loach) is the freshwater fish, Acantopsis choirorhynchus, in the Family Cobitidae (Loaches). This bottom-dwelling fish is from Malaysia and is similar to the Longnose Loach (Acantopsis octoactinotos), from which it can be distinguished first by the down-turned (horse-like) nose. The Horseface Loach buries itself in the bottom substratum (if silt or fine-sand), the Longnose Loach does not. The Horseface Loach is fast moving, the Longnose rather slow. However, the Longnose is more aggressive, regularly feeding on juvenile fishes.

The Horseface Loach becomes most active at night and attains a maximum size of 22 cm (8") in length, but is considered mature from 6 cm (2"). It has not yet been successfully bred in captivity.