User: jeffrey25
State: Illinois
Country: United States



  • hey great tank.... looks really natural bpseoe avatar bpseoe

    2012-07-12 18:18:30

  • My dream aquarium! despina avatar despina

    2012-06-25 23:55:51

  • lovin' it rocsteadi avatar rocsteadi

    2011-11-15 15:07:00

  • if those dimensions are correct your tank 135 gallons, not 125 ;) shanonsdsu avatar shanonsdsu

    2011-09-11 23:21:35

  • do u not clean the substrate at all, or do u only clean the open areas? that is alot of rock and decor to take out EVERYTIME u clean the tank. just wondering. FishMane25 avatar FishMane25

    2011-06-21 22:10:41

  • im getting a 120 gallon(im puttin in africans) this summer and am gonna base my tank of of yours. Amazing tank punkhead23 avatar punkhead23

    2010-06-05 14:01:27

  • Absolutely gorgeous tank and fish!!!! Fish avatar

    2010-05-20 09:52:06

  • Awesome! fishswimer avatar fishswimer

    2009-09-03 04:22:34

  • Why dont you use charcoal? Fish avatar arthur92710

    2009-07-31 23:05:34

  • Love your Fish Tank. Got out of this hobby about 20 years ago with Cichlids and now am regaining interest. Can I ask about your tank Contents, i.e ---- Are you able to list the fish stock in your tank so I have an idea of who gets along with who. Are all your fish from one lake --- Malawi or others as well? Fish avatar lvrt43

    2009-05-27 08:53:18

  • Nice Nieto avatar Nieto

    2009-05-15 20:45:10

  • this is the shit son TankMaster69 avatar TankMaster69

    2009-03-06 04:17:02

  • Very well done! Is this Mbuna Cichlids or Haps? Daveyman avatar Daveyman

    2009-01-22 15:09:15

  • Very Nice! Love the layout.. ebruenin avatar ebruenin

    2008-09-08 16:59:35

  • I really LOVE your tank! Im starting my first cichlid tank (90 gal.) and would appreciate some more info about your tank. what kind of red rock is that in the back? did you use silk plants? and what did you use for substrate? anything else would be helpful. Thank you! bb1252 avatar bb1252

    2008-07-01 06:55:32

  • your tank is Awesome with a capitol A! in my opinion your tank should be #1, it has awesome color, awesome fish and the contrast between the decorations in your tank is insane. Very well done. shark92 avatar shark92

    2008-05-27 16:58:29

  • It doesn't get any better than your tank! masterjedibudt avatar masterjedibudt

    2008-05-13 23:10:59

  • thats really good dicus1 avatar dicus1

    2008-03-18 15:47:19

  • a very nice tank..well done Fish avatar joe4444

    2008-03-06 17:40:02

  • is it an acrylic tank nina91x avatar nina91x

    2008-03-02 16:24:45

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Bumblebee Cichlid making himself a home
Photo Caption: Bumblebee Cichlid making himself a home
colorful  healthy
Photo Caption: colorful & healthy
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Beautiful Blue
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