Photo #0 - Two Of My Adults. - Discus,angelfish,flower Horn,...

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Photo Caption: two of my adults.

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Country: Iran
Description: I have a 180 liter tank(120cm*30*50) with 9 adult discus,4 ram cichlid,8 corydoras and 1 clown loach.I have some valisneria in the tank and planning to have more in near future after installing a co2 injection system.I have three other tanks housing my young discus,flower horn, angel fish and guppies.
Advice: be patient and read as much as you can about aquarium and get the knowledge.
Fish Kept: discus,angelfish,flower horn,ram cichlid,corydoras catfish,clown loach,swordtail,guppies and molly
Corals/Plants: valisneria
Tank Size: 50 gallons
Quote: read as much as you can
About Yourself: I am a mechanics engineer and already student of master program of economics.My first hobby is fish keeping being for about 15 years.


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