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State: Louisiana
Country: United States
Description: The 75 gallon aquarium is stocked with fish naturally occuring in South America (mostly in Amozonian basin biotope, meaning Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay) Those being 3 Angelfish, 7 Bleeding Heart Tetras, 10 Black Phantom Tetras, 3 Pictus Catfish, 2 Hi Fin Plecostumus, between 5-15 Ghost Shrimp (for cleaning the substrate and to be food for the ... See MorePictus, yes I replemish them weekly as needed), and 2-3 baby snails which are cleaners also. I do not keep the tank in the natural Amazonian Blackwater state with Amazon Blackwater extract or filter addatives currently it is hard-ass NOLA tapwater. Plant stock is not kept with Amazonian biotope in mind currently. It is planned to switch to a more biotope specific plant look in the near future. Yes you see a few plastic plants in there currently due to the fact that when i started cycling the tank I had a raging case of the Ick during tank cycling and stock buildup (but lost only 3 fish) The tank equipment is a Fluval 100 gallon canister filter with normal filtration media, a 100 gallon rated airpump with one airstick in the back with 6-10 holes, and a 100 gallon rated FLuval Heater. Mostly the tank stays between 79-82 degrees and I neuteralize the water to 7.0 ph montly during normal montly rotation tank maintenance/top-up procedures.
Advice: 1) take it easy... Invest in a good testing kit, use 6 in 1s daily till cycled. Use CYCLE to build up your bacteria and dont get to many fish in the tank too early. 2) watch your fish. Spend time with them. They will get to know you on sight if you do.
Fish Kept: Have kept; Platys, Corys, danios, Angelfish, a few different types of tetras, Plecos, Pictus cats, ghost shrimp, and goldfish here and there.
Corals/Plants: Amazon swords, onions, whisteria, and a couple others. Transplanted full plants and from bulbs. Just getting started with the plants really.
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: Doing a crappy job makes everyone around you stink.
About Yourself: 37 y.o. Active Duty Sailor, married, living in New Orleans currently. Loves drums, fish, Xbox 360, MMORPGS once in awhile, partying, mexican food (real mexican food not taco bell), red meat eater (i loves the steak!).


By far my favorite tetra! If i set up another tank I will definitely add some. Had some in a 20 gallon long but that has now turned into my cichlid fry tank. fish avatar Shaun Krieger


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