Photo #1 - Entire Tank With Lary The Loach Beign The Center ...

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Photo Caption: Entire tank with Lary the Loach beign the center of attention
29 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Entire tank with Lary the Loach beign the center of attention
fish tank picture - Right side of the tank
fish tank picture - Left side of tank looking at a Cabomba

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State: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Description: Hardware --HOT Magnum 350 --Penguin 150 Biowheel --1 UGF --Standard light with lunar light --Caves made w/ black and red slate --2 heaters
Advice: Don’t forget 2 simple rules. Rule 1) The tank comes first If you have a sick or distressed fish that has not yet infects the community It may be more cost effective to get rid of the fish Rule 2) I like the rule of thumb 1 inch of fish Per gallon of water. Start Small and slow you Need allot of patience with your set up once you find the balance it's like the tank is bullet proof , then move to a larger tank taking the water from the old tank then supplement that with conditioned water. Routine maintenance done religiously 6 Gal a week of water removed PH --7.25- 7.5 Temp 62-75 (F) Deg
Fish Kept: Live Stock --2 Pleco that don’t get bigger than 2 in ( RIP Big Brown 3 years I think he was 2 when I had purchased him) --2+ platies --3+ Sward Adult --My last Guppy passed on after 5 years he just would not give out. --5 Neon Tetras --1+ Mollie --2 Loaches (one Kulu and on clown) --3 Glowfish --1 upside down Cat ----The rest I have given away because the tank can not sipport them. I've had bad luck with shell fish Clams and Shrimp. There isn’t enough for them to survive on i keep the tank Real clean so there is nothing for them to scavenge on
Corals/Plants: I have Cabombas and swords No fake plants Real ones look better and I have notices the tank is Cristal clear
Tank Size: 29 gallons
Quote: Mr Spock) The Needs of the meny out weigh the needs of the few.
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