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Photo Caption: Juvenile Blue Diamond Discuss

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Country: Canada
Description: 180 Gallon Glass Aquarium Aquarium is built into wall, totally serviced from rear. 72 long x 24 deep x 18 wide Fluval FX5 annister Filters, plus Undergravel filter with 2 power heads. Inline heaters. Ro water system to a 50 gallon barrel for water changes.
Advice: Patience, Patience, Patience
Fish Kept: Discus, Angel fish Cardinal Tetras, Clown Loaches, Gold Spotted Plecostomus and Albino Coryadoras.
Corals/Plants: Live plants
Tank Size: 180 gallons
Quote: Yes you have to buy a heater, they are tropical fish...
About Yourself: Keeping fish for about 30 years, have raised angels commercially and trying to raise Discus now. This show tank is my grow out tank. I have 4 30 gallon bare tanks in waiting for when the pairs start to get frisky. My other life long hobby is photography, so photographing my fish is the best challenge of all.


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