Additional foods

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Additional foods

by ChristinaBug2890

Other than Zucchini are there any kitchen/garden foods that my fish (clown loaches, blood parrots) will enjoy? I do not use any chemicals in my gardens so Id like to throw in a few earthworms over the summer if i can and also anything else you guys can suggest...I'd really like to spoil my fishies :)

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by Zambize4899

Have you seen any mention of boiled peas anywhere? I managed to kill my clown loach so don't listen to me, but it seems like peas are usually mentioned whenever zucchini is mentioned.


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by Poetic_Irony2267

cucumber, earth worms, fresh lettuces, almost any of your leafy greens, do not use iceberg lettuce as it's almost void of any type of nutrients... i like to chop it up really fine and put it in the tank the parrots will love it and because most of the blood parrots i have ever seen can't seem to move their lips very well in order to tare off bits and pieces it's a great way to make sure they get some. my cichlids loved romaine hearts cut up into little strips.
hope this helps,

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by gumbii

i feed my koi/goldfish/carp every fruit and veggie i eat... everything from strawberries to spinach... but i wouldn't recomend it for every fish...

try oranges... the vitamin C is good for the fish and i hear it calms the goldfish down... but i don't think anything could calm down them coldwater predators...

Additional foods

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