Where'd Ya get that.

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Where did you buy your fish tank?

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Where'd Ya get that.

by platipus12321

Just wondering where you guys have got all of you fish tanks.

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by Snowboss4492

1st one was a gift from my wife for Christmas....2nd one is from the Saltwaterpimp......3rd will be a DIY monster

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by Poetic_Irony2267

all bought and paid for by me LOL.

thank you for the comment on my tank, i have been keeping fish for what seems like forever, first tank was a ten gallon i bought with my allowance when i when i was 8 years old. and it's been ago ever since. i feel i have reached the pinacle of what i consider in fish keeping with my planted aquarium, takes a ton of time patience and money and more time and patience. anything worth doing is worth doing right and taking your time with. i have had my shares of ups and downs but now that i have all of the kinks worked out my tank is flourishing and doing absolutely wonderful.
thanks again for the comment.

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by ChristinaBug2890

My tank and some of the equipment came from a cousin's attic....back in the day it housed 2 turtles. It was origionally going to house another reptile but I decided that if it could hold water properly than I should put it to use as an aquarium.

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by darkruby

I got mine at a Great mom and pop shop in georgia called the Aviarium.

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by gumbii

most of my tanks come from yardsales, craigslist.com, recycler.com, friend's or from the trash... lol...

i have only bought two tanks from a petshop named Strictly Fish in lakewood... they have some awesome deals twice a year... 0.75 cents a gallon on glass...

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by Peterkarig3210

Got my first tank from my parents and it was an old glass battery case I think. It was tall and rectangular, all glass, with rounded glass edges and the glass was a clear but slightly greenish color. i put a Blue Gill, a crayfish, and a lot of plants in it from ponds near my house.

I bought a few tanks at Petco, but most were from garage sales and people getting rid of tanks.

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by leighann

My first tank was a 2.5 g. It has my cory cat, Freaky Fred, in it. He ate his cell mates within 4 months. I am moving him to a 10 g this week. My newest tank was a gift from my youngest daughters friend. It is a 75 g. At this point in time it is sitting empty in my bedroom. But I have spent the last 3 months reading, reading, reading and have finally found a great store (Aqua Zoo in Houston) and have purchased my filters. Next comes the lighting!

This has been the most helpful and informative site I have come across!

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by dizzcat

When my kids were little they each got a 10 gallon for Christmas one year. I can't remember what fish were in it, but I DO remember the awful decor they had to have! My daughters was pink, with castles and mermaids, my son's was dark with skulls LOL. A year and a half ago I mentioned to my adult son I wanted a tank. he gave me his 20 gallon setup and I made it into a community with live plants and rock. Now that is a tank LOL. The bug bit! I got a 10 gallon for my baby Rams for myself last Christmas from my LFS, which is now a Tanganyikan setup with a pair of Birchardi's. Just a few weeks ago I talked my sister into giving me her 30 gallon set-up which had been sitting empty in her living room for the past 10 years!

Someone help me! I can't seem to stop! :-)

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by leighann

I was just getting ready to expend the cash for a lighting system for my 75g when my plumber mentioned that his nephew had abandoned a 125g setup in his storage building. 3 weeks after that conversation he gave it to me! He is delivering it (holy cow!) next week while I am on vacation! I've gone from 10g to 200g in a year! That is what you call insane! I can hardly wait to get at least one of them cycled!

Where'd Ya get that.

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