freshwater sand

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freshwater sand

by loach

I've been researching about aquarium sand and I am still wondering about the in tank cleaning process when you cycle your water out. I've heard it gets sucked out in a syphon so how do you clean it?

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by tsegura

A freind of mine has freshwater sand in his tank and I asked him the same question he said very little sand is lost during his water changes and he has had sand in it for over 2 years,hope this helps.

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by freshwaterpleco

NO!!!!! sand is like a dirt trap and if the syphon goes to close it will suck up sand

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by spongebob4460

Pleco, this post is almost 8 months old, I doubt they are still looking for a reply.

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by saltwaterpimp

sand is a dirt trap if you dont take care of it the right way.

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by Peterkarig3210

I had a 10 gallon freshwater planted aquarium with sand and rocks from the beach. It looked and was a great little tank. I even had an under gravel filter and the sand didn't let the water through at all after a while! I ended up putting a sponge filter over one riser tube and a power head on the other and water just went down one side and up the other. The sand didn't foul the water and I had loaches and lots of other fish, and I had pretty strong current which probably helped poop and debris to get sucked out of the water column instead of going into the sand. The sand looked great though.

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by gumbii

sand is amazing... i will never get gravel ever again... i'm bieng cerial...

i've recently added dragon fish to some of my tanks and they do wonders keeping the sand bed level and clean... plus i use under gravel jets, and they do have dead spots... the dragon fish take care of they deads...

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by robert95687

You don't clean it and if you are careful, it doesn't get sucked out. you really do not need to vacuum your sand like you do the gravel. You can buy special vacuums that have a flap to cover the exhaust tube and keep your sand in the tank.

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by serial32

I was recently thinking about putting sand in my tank. I read somewhere that you can get pool-filter sand and it doesn't do anything to your PH levels (and it's a hell of a lot cheaper). But I really don't understand how I'm suppose to put it in there without clogging up my filter (especially if it's really fine). Do I have to take most of the water out? Also when (if) I put it in, will I have to keep my filter off for a little while to let it settle?

How do Plecos and Cichlids do in sand?

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by saltwaterpimp

hey bud , you can put the sand in a small bag and lower into your tank,right to the bottom.and slice the bag with a razor knife. shut all your filters off .once you are done adding sand.turn the filters back on. i am not a fresh water guy so i dont know what kind of sand is better... goodluck

freshwater sand

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