Looking for help.

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Looking for help.

by deuce1566

I wanna say thanks in advance for any responses I get. This might be a stupid question but I am planning on setting up a dwarf puffer tank (10 gal) and I know they thrive in brackish water and I was wondering if there is an easy way to set up a brackish tank. Also I plan to use a fine substrate, maybe something like sand and I would like to put a Dragon fish in with it too because I know they like to burrow and also like brackish water but I don't know if the puffers will harass it due to their aggressive nature. I have a solid general knowledge of everything I want to do and how to care for the fish it's mainly just setting up the tank and the chemistry between the fish I want to know about.

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by Snowboss4492

dog face puffers can handle a lower salinity [1.012] and are rated as the most peacful of the puffer family - -figure 8 puffers are good in groups of3 or more [keep themselves occupied] but need at least 10 gallons per fish - -other than that i have seen a couple dwarf puffer set ups and both of the owners said although cute as hell they are meaner than Damsels - -which is pretty mean if your not familure with the little devils - - i'd compare them to terorists....lol good luck

as far as setting up the tank - - it's the same as any other - -live sand and or rock in - -cycle until your paramiters are correct add fish a few at a time so as not to destroy the balance of the tank - i would lean more towards "saltwater" rules and practices as they are tighter tolerances and less forgiveing than fresh thus keeping you in check all the time and ontop of your system

http://www.liveaquaria.com/general/comp ... _chart.cfm

good compatability chart for general comparison

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by freshwaterpleco

I agree with snowboss. Good post man,dude

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by Deuce15663241

Actually I almost made a big mistake because dwarf puffers like 100% fresh water. They are the only species of puffers that are like that. Thanks for the help though.

Looking for help.

4 posts

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