Cichlid Stocking

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Cichlid Stocking

by briang6

Two questions, First one could i put convict cichlids with african cichlids in a 55 gallon tank??? (my convicts just had babies, if anyone has any other ideas what to do with them please tell me)

Second question would this tank work

1 Oscar
1 Blue acara
1 firemouth
1 Salvini
1 Convict (female)

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by yasherkoach ... esults.php

that link will provide you assistance with compatibility scenerios

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by esparzar1

You could for short term but I doubt it would work long term. An oscar can get quite large and most central/sa/african cichlids all require different water parameters. Some ppl have had sucess with mixing sa/africans but its not recommended. Hope this helps....

Cichlid Stocking

3 posts

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