baby molly frys help!!!!!!!!!

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baby molly frys help!!!!!!!!!

by lilcrum98

my molly just had babys then i just bought a black molly and as soon as i put her in the tank a few hours later babys every were but any we got them all out and my friend said i need a air pod or something for them do i if so what els do i need plz help

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by yasherkoach

nothing you can do...beings they are livebearers, the fry are on their own from the start

if there are live plants, they will seek shelter...usually out of 20 that are born, you will be lucky if 2-4 make it to adulthood

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by Alasse

If am i reading managed to grab some of the fry yes?

If you have a smaller tak or container they can live in that, an air stone/pump isnt fully needed, if you dont have one though keep the water level fairly low to get maximum water surface oxygenation. They will eat crushed up flakes. You will need to do small waterchanges on the container to keep the water clean for optimal growth. Once the get a bit of size on them you can put them back in with the parents.

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by yasherkoach

if you can get the following product in a lfs okay or you can purchase it online: ... atid=16873

I used to give this food to the fry before I bought african dwarf frogs to keep the population down to zero

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by Squeaker2009

Get rid of them, mollies will continue to give live birth every 4 to 6 weeks for up to a year after mating. They are a nuisance and will take over your tank. I had to get rid of my females, the pet store sold them to me pregnant and they started having babies a few days after arrival. Good luck.

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by doogle

mine also were prego upon arrival and first ones didnt make it . moved all mollies to 20gallon and birthed again a week later. now have 15+ finger width babies. maybe someone will want some or buy some? doubt anyone will pay 25 cents... but i cant wait to see how they look when they are a little bigger. personally i love my mollies

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by neontank

Hi guys i just got 2 females and a male and a week after i got em all ready got about eleven little fry in the tank and none of my fish seem to be too botherd about eating them. Have no idea what i am going to do with them ill have to try flick them off to mates or somethin

baby molly frys help!!!!!!!!!

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