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by kevinh

Just wanted to say hi and tell my story. I've had a 20g fresh water tank set up with 6 tiger barbs for about a year now. I got a 55g for christmas. (Man, it pays off to be good all year long). so, i set it up and my lps tood me to let the tank run for a couple of days before i transfered my fish. We'll the first night i lost 4, 1 more the next day and the last one the day after. So i was really upset and i started reading around on the internet and found this site. I have learned alot just in a week so i want to thank you all who post on here. So to finish my story, my tank has been up and running for 11 days now and i'm checking the water to watch it cycle. i've added 3 zebra danios 3 days ago and they seem very happy. my tank levels:

temp- 77, ph- 7.8, amm-0,nitrites-0,nitrate-0
thanks, kevin

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by yasherkoach

give the tank a good 4-6 weeks to thoroughly cycle...good to see you added zebra danios to cycle, a very good hardy fish

beings all your tests are at 0, as you must know from your other tank's cycled process, the ammonia will rise then the nitrite then the nitrate

test and water change not overfeed

let us know what happens in the next few weeks

welcome abroad

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