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by Rixx1741

I recently placed 2 pieces of driftwood in my planted tank, which I previously soaked for a week and a half. the problem is that even with the soaking my water is turning yellowish brown. Is there anything I can do to bring it back to normal?

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Re: Driftwood

by fisher

i had the same problem, and found there was nothing i could do but do particle water changes more often and after a wile the water went back to normal.

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Re: Driftwood

by Peterkarig3210

It'll take a few months to stop coloring the water. Yea, just do water changes periodically and it'll be fine.

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by bichiraddict855

Have heard that a filter what you have to add carbon to helps. Such as a top fin power filter. Water Changes will also help. It tannin that is making the water change colors

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Re: Driftwood

by yahboycash

Never experimented with driftwood but heard if you have a large enough pot you can boil it and it should help with the tanning. And for the water all I can think of is removing it boiling it and soaking it a little longer and maybe try some accurel it should shortly clear up the water.

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by starbetta

I have drift wood in my tank's and they didn't ruin the water. I brushed the wood clean without using soap. Used hot water before and after cleaning to kill life-forms on contact (microbiological parasites). Placed my drift wood in a cup full of spring water, hour later checked levels. Placed in tank.
If you're going to put objects from river/pond in your aquarium. I would go buy a cheap microscope set with glass slides. Take water samples of your water & you will see little living (organisms/parasites that live off of living oranisms such as your fish. That's what kind of drift wood y might have placed in your tank. You'll be in awe, when you see how parasite infected river/pond water really is.

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by getwithit

it just simply takes a while especially with newly aquired wood. the one guy that sounded like boomhauer had right it is tannin, and it isn't toxic to the fish at all, it actually help prevent disease....a tea of sorts. i do know that the wood is very rich in vitamins and helps maintain color in the fish. just bear with it, it may take up to a year to simmer down but its worth it in the end. i got mine second hand after it sat outside for a few months and had a pretty tea colored tank for a few weeks buts its pretty clear now. i wish you luck

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by freshwaterpleco

Driftwood lower p.h it could be the p.h that is affecting the water quality

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by intothenew

Purigen from seachem will take care of the tannins. I love the stuff, purigen and driftwood.


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